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2015-05-28 12.25.59

Ella’s Deli — Madison, WI

I stumbled across this lovely restaurant in Madison, Ella’s Deli:

2015-05-28 10.54.13

A zillion years ago, when I was stationed outside of Detroit, I found out about a zany place called Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour.

One of these guys could have been me chowing down on a Pig's Trough

One of these guys could have been me, circa 1979, chowing down on a Pig’s Trough

A “Pig’s Trough” had about a zillion scoops of ice cream, syrups, whipped cream, nuts, bananas, fruit, and maybe five million calories.  Back when I was half the man I am today (‘cuz I weigh twice as much) I’d always order the Trough.  I did it because after you completed eating it, your waiter would come over, stand on a chair, and apologize loudly to the entire restaurant for letting a pig sneak in and suck down some dairy goodness.  They’d pin a little ribbon on your boob (well, ok, on the shirt over your boob) and it was a good time had by all.

Farrell’s pretty much closed their nationwide chain by 1990, but there are still a few in California and one in Hawaii.  (Guess which two states I’ll be in come this fall?  I will be stopping by.  And yes, they still have a Pig’s Trough on the menu.)

Ella’s wasn’t quite that nutso, but it was . . . unique:

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Had one of their chicken salads, featuring Croutons To Die For ®:

2015-05-28 12.35.24