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2015-05-29 14.59.14

North Dakota

On Thursday, May 28, 2015, in riding through Wisconsin and Minnesota, the temperature was a very toasty 85 degrees.

In Fargo, North Dakota on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 3:15PM:

2015-05-29 15.15.56

Did some state not get the memo that Summer has arrived?

In addition to it being ridiculously chilly, the wind was acting a bitch, too:

The purpose of these rides, though, was to train.

On a long bicycle ride, the only thing the weather can be counted on to do . . . is not to be counted on.

One thing I learned the hard way about riding through border towns is:  ya better check to make sure you know where the border is.  Like Minneapolis and St. Paul, Fargo, North Dakota has a twin city itself:  Moorhead, Minnesota.

I drove down the main drag of Fargo to a spot that I hoped would be far enough to enable me to ride one direction for 10 miles, then come back to complete my 20.  At one point on my drive out of town I noticed the area codes were different than what I’d been noticing.  Sure enough, I’d stumbled back into Minnesota.  (Hey, states:  how about put up a goddamned sign to say where the state line is, would ya?  I’m talking to you, Idaho, Washington, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.)

Turned around, headed back the way I came, and parked in a supermarket parking lot.  A lady was walking by, so I got out of my car, said, “Excuse me, ma’am, this is going to sound strange, but where am I?”  She was looking for evidence I’d escaped my keepers, I guess.  I elaborated.  “Am I in Minnesota or North Dakota?”

God bless her, she responded in that MN / ND Scandinavian trill that tickles me.  “Oh, ya, you’re still in Min-a-SOOO-tah.”

She pointed me back across the river.  I got back in the car, drove to a spot safely inside of North Dakota, and headed away from the border.

There wasn’t a lot to see in Fargo / West Fargo:

2015-05-29 14.59.14

I sooooo want to know what a “Pig Wheel” is. I’ve got the Deliverance theme music running through my head.

2015-05-29 15.03.53

When we’re done with the Pig Wheel, I’d next like to know what “Adult Bingo” is.

Speaking of spelling . . .

2015-05-29 14.15.14

Ummm, I guess the Alphabet Store was out of “C”‘s to spell Cheyenne.

North Dakota was the end of the “riding 20 miles to claim the state” . . . for now.  In 2015 I managed to knock out 18 states in 2015 by riding the minimum 20 miles within their borders.

I’ll be spending a lot more time in each of the next dozen states I plan on riding through.

Time to update the tote board:

2015-05-28 11.15.07