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2015-05-24 11.23.37


When I posted my Rules about claiming states, I mentioned that I’d already done 14.56 miles in Pennsylvania.  Back in 2009 I did a cross-Ohio ride starting from Eaton Ohio.  We had parked our cars in PA, then took a bus to the starting point in Eaton.  That parking lot was 14.56 miles within PA.

I didn’t really need to ride all 20 miles in PA to claim it as that 14.56 miles “counted” under my rules.  But, there wasn’t any way to get from WV to MD without going through PA.  (Ok, no easy way to do it via bicycle.)  Besides, I needed to ride through some hills and mountains.  If there’s one thing western PA has lots of, it’s hills and mountains.

I got to claim PA on my old friend US 40:

2015-05-24 11.12.13

And US 40 treated me like I’d slept with its wife, kicked its dog, and posted the whole thing to Youtube.


To get to PA I’d started in WV on a little back road.  I never saw a sign telling me where I crossed into PA.  I’d been in PA for at least a couple of miles before I noticed a sign on the road talking about how PA was starting to crack down on dog licenses.   (I did spot a sign on the way back into WV.  I noted my odometer reading when I crossed back into WV just to make sure I did get my 20 in the state.)

At the bottom of the first monster hill I descended (dreading that I’d have to climb that fucker on the way back) was the Youghiogheny River.  (That’s pronounced Yak-A-Gain-Ee.)

2015-05-24 14.19.03

Then why don’t they spell it that way?

Speaking of spelling . . .

2015-05-24 14.06.47